Forget the shiny objects and all the
things you should be doing

It’s so much more freakin’ simple than this

With a little strategy, focus, and a community to help you stay the course, you too can be free

Time to make your business run like the well-oiled machine it was meant to be.

Welcome to the Republic of Freedom



The fastest way to burn out your business, your dreams, and yourself

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I’m in that mood where I feel like your straight-talking lady-cousin [...]

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Two Bulletproof Ways To Make Decisions

I'm a Libra which basically means I suck at making decisions. I hate it when people ask me what kind [...]

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How to avoid the Freelance Booby Trap

Last time I ran the Sprint webinar to prep people for 30 Days to Done, I got this bit of [...]

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Working for yourself feel like a slog? Here’s how to fix that

So you’re working for yourself, and you don’t have a boss or co-workers or weekly meetings or reports due. Gone [...]

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Your wisdom, accountability & genius ideas are so worth every penny and more and I hope other people are smarter than me and invest in coaching with you without waiting as long as I did – Leah Kalamakis

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