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Define yo’self

Who are you if not a __________? Who are you if not a web designer? a copywriter? a coach? a [...]

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Five business courses I wish existed for new entrepreneurs

About 80% of the 1-on-1 consults I do are with new entrepreneurs, or those about to leave their jobs for [...]

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A little trick to help you persevere when you feel like laying down

When I need an extra shot of motivation, I often look for quotes to kick me in to gear. I [...]

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You have a right to be here

You have a right to be here. You don’t need to ask permission. No pre-emptive apologies required. There is no [...]

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Your wisdom, accountability & genius ideas are so worth every penny and more and I hope other people are smarter than me and invest in coaching with you without waiting as long as I did – Leah Kalamakis

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