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What to do when the death gremlins won’t leave

  I was a precocious kid who loved school and my happy place was the library, where I could learn all about the world I knew little about. I was never very carefree and worried about what I thought were impending catastrophes like fires, floods, and tornadoes. Perhaps my love [...]

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There is no spoon

  Obviously, men see themselves in Neo. But…why do women? The casting of Keanu Reeves and his signature doe-eyed look? The need to save him? His almost saccharine and yet hopeful redemption? These theories are based on my own (grossly) general observation — a product of conversation, not science. I [...]

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  I once went on a 10-day silent retreat in the mountains outside of Cape Town. I’d never felt ready for it even though it had been on my radar for years. After coming home from living in an ashram in India for 7 months, where the beginnings of a [...]

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  I was seven years old the first time I saw a dead mouse. We had moved into a new house and Dad was getting ready to empty the mousetraps he had set in the dark corners of our garage. It was a real spectacle — a sibling parade strutting [...]

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Making Meaningful Impact as a Multi-Potentialite

PSST! prefer to listen to this post? You can do so here. “I’ve been living my backup plan” That’s what filmmaker, actress, writer, trailblazer, artist (aka multipotentialite) and generally awesome thinker, Brit Marling said about her difficult choice between staying on at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker and moving [...]

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Here’s Why Dating Sites Don’t Work

  After breaking up with my boyfriend of nearly 9 years, I only waited a month to sign up on Match.com. I really did think that I’d given myself a good month-long break and that it was time to see who was out there in the dating world. I rationalized [...]

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How do you keep going when sh*t falls apart?

  This is a post for anyone who has ever suffered failure or disappointed themselves. For anyone who had a vision, and put all the pieces in place only to discover that the end product didn't quite match what had been in their minds' eye. How can you turn everything [...]

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Why didn’t I just say what I meant?

I get to the appointment 5 minutes early, after specially working out on Google Maps how long it’ll take to get alllll the way across Cape Town in morning traffic. The minute I walk into the reception room I am irritated, and I can’t say why. The smell of the [...]

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The bitcoin of websites

  What happens when you look at the options before you and nothing feels right? Like...the old ways of doing things, the traditional options are just. not. working for ya...? You invent something new. From 2011 to 2017 Republic of Freedom was my primary website where I blogged about all [...]

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Am I Cool Enough?

  I opened the spiral notebook and clicked my pen in rhythm with the ticking wall clock. The double-beat echoed in the corner of the high school library where I was holed up. It was just me and Mr. Donaldson, the kooky librarian with an affinity for coonskin caps. After [...]

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