You deserve to seen. Really seen. Your full story, unabridged. The full you, crying ugly face and all.

You deserve to be heard. The need, the tenderness, the joy. You should be heard and accepted at all points on the spectrum.

You deserve rich conversation. Not a one-way stream. Not intelligent thoughts and opinions that fall on deaf ears. You deserve a partner in discussion. Someone who makes you think. Someone who finds you wildly interesting and vice-versa.

You deserve touch. Your desire to feel a loving hand on your back, a warm hug in the morning, a passionate kiss in the middle of cooking dinner…all valid. You deserve loving purposeful touch, which is a much different thing than the default hand-holding initiated by an otherwise absent partner.

You deserve to laugh. With all of the inevitable slings and arrows of this life, you deserve someone who knows how to tap into joy. And you deserve someone who loves your silliness. Who ‘gets’ your brand of weird.

You deserve someone who keeps you on your toes. Someone who has solid standards for themselves and therefore reminds you to maintain your own. Someone who doesn’t let you get away with having lazy opinions or assumptions. Someone who is as aware as you are of the dangers of complacency.

You deserve to not be held hostage by the mistakes of your past. You are not your bad decisions. You are a more rich human because of your errors, and you deserve to be seen as such.

You deserve someone who doesn’t make fun of you. Light ribbing is one thing, but you should never be made to feel stupid or weird for doing, thinking, or liking something that really makes you happy.

You deserve respect. There’s never space for disrespect from a lover. Any kind of systematic disrespect (no matter how small) is a cancer. Get rid of it, or get rid of the relationship. Respect is the bedrock for happiness and growth.

You deserve this relationship. Don’t settle for less.

Feel immediate relief from toxic people, draining situations, a future of unfulfilling work, and unnecessary guilt!