If there’s one key to freedom I can say from experience has made all the difference, it’s ditching every last one of your concerns about what others think.

I posted about this a couple of weeks ago because I believe it’s important…no CRITICAL that you cultivate this in yourself. It doesn’t happen by itself. (though being in your 30s helps)

You have to try.

You have to decide.

Being unbothered by what others think is not the same as not caring about other people. It’s about realizing that their opinions are not your business…and moreover..the opinions of others are fleeting.

There was a time when everyone in my personal sphere had a rather patronizing attitude about my online business. You know the whole “when will she just get a real job” eye-roll vibe.

It wasn’t easy at first. It felt personal…like the people I loved the most didn’t believe in me. Ouch! But you’ve gotta just tune it out and forge ahead anyway.

You are not a sheep. YOU ARE A LION.

Let’s hear your roar.


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