Here’s the truth about yourself.

Remember when Steve Jobs said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart”?

Yeah…I’m totally with him on that one.

It may not feel true for you if you have a house and creature comforts and privileges that look pretty fricken’ real and would feel awful to lose, but my world looks a bit different.

The only thing of real value that I’ll eventually lose is my own life, and that of my loved ones.

That’s it. I am already naked.

I can’t lose my job, because I made my job up! I don’t have to work for anyone and I don’t have to work with anyone if I don’t want. I’ve got a few different streams of income and I don’t want to invite in anything that’s not a good fit anyway. Life’s too short.

I can’t lose my stuff, because I’ve already lost all my stuff…a few times now. That’s what happens when you move around the world 7 times in 37 years. I’m on home #26 right now, which is a small storage space holding my belongings until further notice. My stuff is nice, and it makes me comfortable when I have a home to put it in, but I am no less happy without it.

I can’t lose my friends, because they already come and go as life progresses. That’s just evolution baby. It’s not a loss so much as a waxing and waning, a closeness and a separateness that I’m equally grateful for.

I could go on, but instead I wanna tell you why this is the most amazing truth you can realize about yourself.

When you know you have nothing to lose, you can choose excellence. You can set standards for your work, your life, your relationships, your health…everything…and settle for nothing less.

When you know you have nothing to lose, you never have to put up with bullshit. Even if you have to have a job you don’t like. You can speak up, communicate, advocate for yourself. Why settle? No one should feel they’re stuck in an environment that brings them down.

The greatest fears arise from feeling pigeonholed…that there’s no way out. (There’s always a way out.)

When you know you have nothing to lose, you’re more open to exploring new avenues and streams of income. To forging a path of hope toward something else, something better.

Life’s too short to feel like you have no power to change your circumstances.

I hold myself to some pretty high standards, standards involving honesty, kindness, personal responsibility, anti-bullshittery, etc. And because I have nothing to lose, I ask the same from others.

I can say the things that others are too afraid to say.

I can fight for doing and being better, and not worry about the fallout because those that don’t rise will fall into the shadows anyway.

That’s why I have an amazing team of support at the Republic of Freedom.

That’s why I can walk away from projects that don’t float my boat.

That’s why I don’t suffer fools, charlatans, and opportunistic “friends”.

That’s why I don’t place value on being liked by the masses. (Who says the masses have good judgment anyway?)

Just typing that makes me feel a lightness in my heart. A freedom from the mental trappings that hold many people back.

When you really start to understand that you have nothing to lose, you see before you that you have everything to gain.

Feel immediate relief from toxic people, draining situations, a future of unfulfilling work, and unnecessary guilt!