Doing Work That Matters

1) Thou shalt not create products or services and then look for buyers. You’ve gotta commit to identifying an actual living, breathing audience of real humans who need something first, and then create it for them.

2) Thou shalt always give credit where credit is due. No borrowed idea or social media share is too small to disregard the source. It’s good karma.

3) Thou shalt avoid spray marketing at all costs. Spray marketing = content splattered all over the internet, directed at no one in particular, rather…trying to reach anyone. I doesn’t work.

4) Thou shalt avoid all temptation to be a wandering generality. Doing work that matters is borne out of striving to become a meaningful specific.

5) Thou shalt never pretend to be a leader or an authority on something thou art not. Labelling yourself a  “Thought Leader” does not make you a thought leader.

6) Thou shalt treat thy mailing list with respect: neither neglect nor bombard your followers. Inbox space is precious; handle that responsibility with care.

7) Thou shalt not be inconsistent with thine art. A thriving livelihood has never been built on the shoulders of “I’ll do it when I feel motivated”. For the love of Pete, deliver your art to the world often and tell your excuses to suck it.

8) Thou shalt avoid bandwagons at all cost. Remember you are the shepherd, not the sheep.

9) Thou shalt create healthy boundaries in thine life and business, in service of kindness to thyself and others. Boundaries help everyone know where they stand and what’s possible from there.

10) Thou shalt cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness. You’ll be tempted time and again to buy that course or follow that formula. Let your decisions be based on a strong knowledge of yourself and your values, instead of scarcity and empty 6-figure promises.


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