how to avoid the freelance booby trap

Last time I ran the Sprint webinar for a program I was running, I got this bit of feedback from an attendee:

“My favourite bit of the webinar was the bit where you talked about thinking through the implications of shipping your work. You mentioned about not wanting to be tied into managing a FB community so all your courses are finite. I feel like that is a topic that I haven’t seen anyone else discussing, but it’s so important.

As we discussed yesterday I feel like I’ve got into a position where I keep getting requests and referrals to do the type of work I’m not interested in doing. I agree to the work because I need the money at the moment, but then get annoyed because it’s keeping me away form doing the things I want to be doing to grow my business. A lot of that has probably stemmed from not thinking through the implications of shipping my work.”

This, friends, is the Freelance Booby Trap: not thinking through the implications of how you offer your services.

This, friends, is the Freelance Booby Trap: not thinking through the implications of how you offer your services.

It’s true…unlike most coaches or consultants, I don’t have FB groups for my courses that require my ongoing regular presence. This would throw a stick in the spokes of my freedom bicycle now, wouldn’t it? One thing I’m clear on is that I want to help people, but I don’t want to be beholden to them forever and ever, amen.

You need to be keenly aware of what your business will need from you and whether you really want that.

The writer above did really well at offering a service he didn’t like delivering. What are the long term implications of that? How can he turn that ship around?

I used to run adventure retreats for entrepreneurs, and I still get asked when I’ll run the next one. But the truth is, after running three of them, I realized I didn’t like the long term implications of that business model.

So I scrapped it and focused my energy elsewhere. Just because people want something from you, doesn’t mean you have to deliver it. If your business (or an element of your business) isn’t serving you…if it’s not energizing you…it needs tweaking.

Your only “obligation” is to deliver your expertise in a way that feels right and expansive to you.

This includes the long game. This includes the implications for 3 and 6 months out. If you don’t think through where this project, service, or offering will land you in a years’ time, you might be booby trapping your business.

Feel immediate relief from toxic people, draining situations, a future of unfulfilling work, and unnecessary guilt!