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Today I bring you an amazing success story from the Republic – a short conversation with web designer Leah Kalamakis.

Leah was able to achieve her first $5k month in her 5th month in business as a freelancer AND have enough time to launch a side project geared at helping you do the same.

Check it out, and please excuse the video quality. Part of the reality of location independence is less than stellar internet connections!

Links to Leah:

The Freelance to Freedom Project

Leah Kalamakis – Web Designer

“Streamline all of your processes. Find a way to already have the answer ready.”
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Time Markers

1:50 – What Leah was most afraid of when she took the leap to freelancing
2:30 – How she got over her biggest freelancing fear
3:40 – Leah’s key tip to becoming profitable fast as a freelancer
4:40 – Leah’s journey from having a side gig in web design to having a full-blown business
5:30 – The point at which everything changed for her
6:45 – One thing she wishes now that she’d known when she made the leap to freelancing
8:00 – Why you should only charge low prices for a SHORT period of time before truly charging your worth
10:00 – How Leah managed to create enough free time only 4 1/2 months in to her freelancing business to create a whole separate side (passion) project – The Freelance to Freedom Project
11:35 – The sanity saving trick for all small business owners
13:05 – What Leah says the most important trait is for a potential freelancer to have

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