end sex traffickingd

How does one person with limited resources and a family to feed take on a massive social issue and begin a movement that matters?

This week I’m speaking with Erin Giles, Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day and the brains behind a rapidly growing IndieGoGo campaign that will affect (and possibly save) the lives of countless women and girls.

Check out this short video and be inspired:

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IndieGoGo campaign for End Sex Trafficking Day
(5 days left to support as of Oct 21st!)

Erin Giles – Business Philanthropy Consultant

End Sex Trafficking Day on Facebook

Time markers if you want to skip ahead:

1:28 – What felt the most daunting about starting a major movement
2:40 – The truth about approaching “big names” to ask for help
3:25 – How she got ESTD off the ground while trying to pay the bills
4:45 – Erin’s thoughts on $$ success & what it takes sometimes to Do Big Things
7:24 – Getting over the excuse “I’m only one person, I can’t make a difference.”
8:00 – The importance of accountability/having others support your momentum
10:00 – How to make a big difference if you don’t have much money (yet)
11:15 – How Erin reframed a “failure” & the amazing unseen effects of her work
14:00 – Erin’s key wisdom for anyone starting out who wants to make an impact

Feel immediate relief from toxic people, draining situations, a future of unfulfilling work, and unnecessary guilt!