It’s time for a level-up
…a fresh set of eyes on your stuff

I specialize in seeing the opportunities for growth and income that you can’t because you’re too close to it.

If you’re like me, you like to get ideas and move quick.

Let’s mine your brain for all the gold nuggets you didn’t even know were there,
and then I’ll show you how you can leverage them.

what results can we achieve in one Mini-Mastermind, you ask?

Here are some examples:

  • a new course mapped out into modules + a specific plan for how to ensure
    your participants engage meaningfully with your content
  • a new email nurture sequence to help turn eager readers into happy paying clients
  • a traction strategy for a new audience after transitioning your message + target market
  • turning a languishing product or course into a significant income generator
  • a specific game plan to get you to your next income goal through smart marketing
    + consistent connection

That’s right darlin’ – after working with me you’ll feel like David Hasselhoff in the 80’s: on top of your game.


What people are saying:

“Heather is an idea machine! She gave me the focus I was looking for and armed me with actionable steps I can take right away to move my coaching business forward. So many awesome ideas and powerful action items came out of just one session. This was well worth the investment.”

~ Tracey Minutolo, Side Hustle Coach & Financial Freedom Fighter


“I can’t really put into words how much you helped me in the very stressful start-up stage of my business. I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to hire you because it is one of the best investments I have made yet in my business. Your wisdom, accountability & genius ideas are so worth every penny and more and I hope other people are smarter than me and invest in coaching with you without waiting as long as I did.”

~ Leah Kalamakis, Founder of The Freelance to Freedom Project


You’ll get:

>> A detailed pre-session questionnaire to help you organize your objectives
and fill me in on your situation so we’re not starting from scratch

>> A 60 minute live mastermind session via Zoom

>> An actionable strategy that you can implement immediately

>> An mp3 of our time together

The investment: a straight $400 USD


NOTE: It’s really important to me that this investment feels right for you. That’s why I don’t offer a payment plan. Furthermore, I don’t believe in scarcity tactics to increase sales nor do I teach any kind of questionable marketing tactics that are out of integrity with my values. I’m also sweary, and my business is inclusive of all ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, and religious orientations as well as abilities. Cool? Cool.

What’s next?

After making payment, you’ll be directed to fill out an online questionnaire to help get you organized for our session and for me to get to know you and your business. Then you’ll get an email to choose a date for your session.



Looking for something more intensive? 

The Mini Mastermind is the starting point for working with me. Once you’ve made that leap, I have an ongoing and affordable retainer option for longer term support. Book using the buttons above or if you’re a prior client wanting to dive in with me for the next few months, fire me a message here.