It’s time for a shake down
a fresh set of eyes on your stuff

And I’m glad you’re here because I created
the Mini Mastermind just for you


I’ve never been the kind of person that needed hand-holding. When I started my first business, I had attended the first two sessions of an 8-week Learn to Sew course and already jumped ahead to making my own handbag pattern and opened my online Etsy shop. All this while my classmates were still trying to figure out how to thread their machines.


I’m impatient. I like to get ideas and move quick.

Give me a minimum viable product and I’ll run with it.

I suspect you’re here because you’re the same.


And my job is to help you cut through the fog and focus on what’s going to work.


Because quite frankly, growing your ideas, your business and your income doesn’t have to be so gahddamb hard.

I know you’ve been to All The Webinars and read All The Articles teaching you how to Get Massive Results Now. And that’s rad. Continual learning is an important part of business-building.

BUT….none of these Things On The Internets take the specifics of YOU into account.

This is where the Mini Mastermind comes in.

Why a Mini Mastermind? Because you’re smart, and after half a decade of working with people just like you, I know that you have a wealth of information and ideas that we can pull out together and form an amazing plan of action that makes total sense…for you.

In other words, it’s a collaborative process.
And that’s why it works so well.

I specialize in seeing the things you can’t because you’re too close to it. Let’s get together and I’ll mine your brain for all the gold nuggets you didn’t even know were there, and then show you how you can leverage them.

Trust me: after working with me you’ll feel like David Hasselhoff in the 80’s: on top of your game.

What people are saying:

Daphne Patterson“You’re rad, and I love you and I’m so happy I got to work with you. You have truly changed the way I look at business and life. I’m a big dreamer and you helped me to look at the big picture stuff and distill it down to what I need to be doing right now in order to build up to that bigger picture. You’re an excellent coach, and an excellent human. I will definitely work with you again in the future because you provide a kind of ‘realness’ that’s unique to you, and in every single call I had with you, I walked away inspired, lit up and with action steps to begin implementing.”

~ Daphne Patterson – Yoga Teacher + Coach


Karen Kurzmeyer“You’re warm, friendly and very approachable. You have a unique ability to truly listen, see the big picture and immediately clarify what steps can be taken, remaining open-minded and flexible throughout the whole process. You address every point mentioned, leaving no stone unturned and have a wealth of practical and inspiring ideas right at your fingertips. You understand exactly what is needed and waste no time in joining all the dots.

I’ve never spoken to anyone I’ve ‘met’ for the first time who has provided such value, encouragement, support and inspiring advice (which also includes what not to do).”

~ Karen Kurzmeyer – Small World Sprachaufenthalte & Yoga Teacher



You’ll get:

>> A detailed pre-session questionnaire to help you organize your thoughts and to fill me in on your situation so we’re not starting from scratch

>> A 75 minute live mastermind session via Zoom

>> Actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately to get more traction, grow your reach and expand your income

>> An mp3 of our time together

** NOTE: I’m almost always booked out about two months in advance.

The investment: a straight $400 USD


** OTHER NOTE: It’s really important to me that this investment feels right for you. That’s why I don’t offer a payment plan. If my fee feels like a huge stretch, please do wait until it feels more comfortable. Investing in your business development should feel good and congruent with where you’re at.

What’s next?

After making payment, you’ll be directed to fill out an online questionnaire to help get you organized for our session and for me to get to know you and your business. Then you’ll get an email to choose a date for your session.

Remember: you started down this road to be free.

But no one can do it alone – I certainly didn’t. I can’t promise miracles, but I can promise 100% bullshit-free help that is completely tailored to you, your life, your goals, and your restrictions. Shall we jump in?



Looking for something more intensive? 

The Mini Mastermind is the starting point for working with me. Once you’ve made that leap, I have an ongoing and affordable retainer option for longer term support. Book using the buttons above or if you’re a prior client wanting to dive in with me for the next few months, fire me a message here.