How do you hire the RIGHT people to help you out in your small business?

If you’re anything like me, what you want in any sub-contractor (VA, copywriter, web developer, SEO expert, transcriptionist, etc) are [...]

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All wisdom is recycled

You know how many times I’ve had a great idea for a blog post, coaching package, or course and then [...]

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How I travel the world and run businesses while still doing whatever I want 

I now officially run businesses, two of them, and am involved in brand standards and procurement for yet a third. [...]

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Why you absolutely must turn down business

You know how it is in the beginning…you’re unsure of yourself and your services, you’re underpriced, you hope that someone, [...]

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After 5 years building a mailing list, I deleted 25% of my subscribers – here’s why

After 5 years building a mailing list, I deleted 25% of my subscribers - here’s why. Last month I did [...]

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Define yo’self

How do you define yo'self? Who are you if not a __________? Who are you if not a web designer? [...]

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Five business courses I wish existed for new entrepreneurs

About 80% of the 1-on-1 consults I do are with new entrepreneurs, or those about to leave their jobs for [...]

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A little trick to help you persevere when you feel like laying down

When I need an extra shot of motivation, I often look for quotes to kick me in to gear. I [...]

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You have a right to be here

  You have a right to be here. You don’t need to ask permission. No pre-emptive apologies required. There is [...]

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The no-brainer way to build your client base for free

Hopefully you’ve read my previous post on business building and started a mailing list. Now that you have readers waiting [...]

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