Hey I’m Heather – business coach, writer, and location-independent (serial) entrepreneur.

I help make growing your business easier.

How’s that, you ask? I help you focus on what matters to serve your clients and generate more income.

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I’ve been running the Republic of Freedom for the last 137 years after spending my 20’s honing my chops in the corporate world and working a pretty eclectic selection of jobs around the world that led me to one realization:

I’m not meant to do this like everyone else.

I’m not meant to be an employee.
I’m not meant for the 9-5.
I’m not meant for someone else to decide how my days look, how much vacation I get, and when I can take a nap.

You’re here because you live outside the Matrix too.

Running a business that works with your strengths while bringing in solid, consistent income is about working smart, getting over yourself, and creating opportunities for consistent connection.

I see you, fellow intelligent non-conformist.  And while I believe that something worth having rarely comes easy, but I also know from experience that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Lets get you on a path that frees up your precious time, catapults your strengths, and outsources the rest.

Join my community and get access to my Monday Missives, prowl around my blog, or dig in with a 1-on-1 coaching session.

Your life and work should be a great adventure. Let’s make it so.

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What do I bring to the table? Glad you asked.

I don’t bullshit.
I don’t sugar-coat things. I’m direct, honest and committed to helping you thrive.
And I don’t believe in formulas.

I believe in the relationship economy.
I believe in inclusivity and social justice.
I believe in boundaries. Lots of them. Healthy boundaries.
I believe that being of service is the way to have both a fulfilling life and a healthy bank balance.
And I believe in kindness. Kindness is everything.

I’ve got over half a decade of experience and the super successful clients to prove it (Oak City Coffee, The Freelance to Freedom Project, and Anna Long-Stokes are a few examples).

I’m also a certified life coach through CTI and a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. In other words, I’ve got business smarts and psychology skills up the wazoo.

Even better? I’ve never had a client go back to the 9-5 working world. Not one.

After living and going to high school in Central America as a teenager, I moved to Japan when I was 19 purposely without plan nor place to live and essentially reinvented myself after a very tough and isolated upbringing.

After Japan, I backpacked all over South East Asia before returning to Uni to finish my degree, splitting my non-school time between working in a mailbox supplies store and a market research facility in Vancouver to pay the rent. I was dirt poor, living in a converted garage, going to the loo in the barn next door.

At 23 I moved to a northern desert town in Mexico (can anyone say fullofdruglords?) and managed a private school staff of 15. Fast forward a couple of years and I was miserable in the corporate world but I rather randomly got to tour Australia with one of Canada’s rock royalty as a north Indian classical tabla player, which was pretty cool.

Then in 2009 I headed down South Africa on a Global Health Fellowship to bring social media savvy to an HIV non-profit, and in 2010 I launched a duo of online jewelry & handbag shops to test the entrepreneurial waters. In 2011 I started this business, the Republic of Freedom, and I haven’t looked back.

I’ve traveled to every continent on earth, spent the better part of my 20’s slowly dying in the corporate world, dropped out of the rat race to become a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute, graduated from Seth Godin’s groundbreaking altMBA program, and rolled all my hard-won wisdom into this small business consultancy.

These days I hang my hat in Sweden and use it as a jumping off point for my travels, with the occasional month in Antarctica. (Yup, you read that right!) Officially now I’ve been to 47 countries, lived in 7 outside of Canada (where I’m from) long term, and have now been to Antarctica 21 times.

What do I help people do?

Picture Ralph Macchio circa 1984 gathering his focus to karate chop through the cement block. But in current times you’re the Karate Kid, and I’m Mr Miyagi.

Miyagi-san didn’t give the Karate Kid general bullshit advice. Oh no. He understood the Karate Kid’s strengths and weaknesses better than anyone, and worked his old-Japanese-man magic to get inside his head to turn him into a champion.

I’m not an old Japanese man, but I’ve got mad skills for getting into my clients heads and re-working the things that aren’t working.

Want specific next steps to move your business forward? Check!

Want an outline of how you can best leverage your day to day work for maximum impact? Check!

Want to turn waffly indecision into decisive action? Check!

Want a plan to turn the sound of crickets into an engaged audience? Check!

Want to make All The Things become The Core Business Growth Duties You Need to Focus On (and manageable at that)? Check!

Focus, simple strategies for steady growth, and a healthier bank account.

No magic formulas, just unique-to-you insights and specifics to make things work much, much better.

How do I do it?

Check out a smattering of my smarts over on the blog. My 1-on-1 sessions and group programs are like my blog wisdom at light speed and tailored to you. Let’s get down to business, shall we?