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Make competition irrelevant

The cure for a dull web presence

5 Simple Steps to get your online business up and running

How to get shit done. (a.k.a. Be your own manager)

19 Effective Resources I use to Streamline my small business

Service is sexy. People-pleasing is not.

Small business smack-down

The truth about your first 18 months in business



How to charge whatever you want for your services

When money is tight

Money Smarts: How do I know how much to pay myself?

Why aren’t you making any money?



How to be happy

An invocation to please refrain

It’s not about the numbers

Thank you for rejecting me

Maybe ‘success’ isn’t what you think it is



How to get started on a life of adventure

Add these to your adventure list: my Top 10 trips ever

SNAPSHOT: Sweden’s IceHotel

SNAPSHOT: Antarctica

SNAPSHOT: Galapagos

Tips: Time management for the location independent



How I karate-chopped fear to live a life of ridiculous adventure

You are not a flake

One key strategy for figuring out your calling in life

I don’t want to fight anymore



In the backseat of a taxi with Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

CASE STUDY: Freelance to Freedom with Leah Kalamakis

A conversation with Erin Giles – Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day



How to tell if you’re a shit employee

“I am not a natural” and other complete poppycock

One day I’ll be a good writer

When I hit a low point in a job I was never meant to be in

Don’t do it for the parents


A Congruent LifeCheck out one of my favourite (and most popular) interviews with Andy Gray of A Congruent Life.



Radio ENSOGet a little inspiration from this interview with Greg Berg of Radio Enso conducted while I was holed up at the ‘end of the earth’ in a small town called Ushuaia in between stints working in Antarctica.


Catalyst John Show

This time I joined dream-chaser Catalyst John to talk on the subject of “What is Possible?”

Freedom Lovin' PodcastKevin Koskella and I jam on his podcast about crazy travel moments, our favourite places in the world, and location independence. Check it out!



A super lively interview with Bernardo Mendez of

3 Things your Parents Taught you About Work that Aren’t True on the When I Grow Up blog

My Iceland Mini Travel Guide over on Yes & Yes

A Dreamgirls spotlight on me at The Freedom Experiment

How to Support Girlfriends Through Unconventional Transitions on Girlfriendology

Developing Your Writing Voice on the She Owns It blog

My Lima City Guide for The Culture-ist