Eight of the best people that ever happened to instagram

Ok ok, I admit: you’ve heard me talk about some of these people before (like in my 2014 Twitter roundup – which still stands, by the way).

But I’ve recently discovered some other Instagrammers that are absolutely fabulous and I thought you ought to know. Here’s the throw-down:

Paul Jarvis – Paul is that guy you want to live down the road from and hope that he’ll share some of his heirloom tomatoes with you once a season. He inspires me to be strategic about my business, eat clean and always live close to nature. #strategy #nature

Renegade Mothering – Janelle is the Queen of being an eloquent galvanizer of justice while simultaneously being stuck under a pile of children, a reminder to stand behind what you believe in and argue with integrity, and really good at making people who are afraid of having children think that maybe having children ain’t so bad. #badassery #workwithwhatyouvegot

Martinaturally – my client Martina makes the BEST delicious-and-easy food posts, hands down. Not even kidding, I feel healthier just by following her. She makes eating well feel accessible even to those of us that forget to eat and then scramble for something, and her short videos inspire me daily. #food #health

Dave Conrey – artist, art activist, storyteller, inspiration for creatives everywhere to share your process in full view…a visual storytelling genius, if you will. #art #advocacy

Leonie Dawson – man, this chick is awesome at marketing. She’s totally NOT my style but I learn so much about social media marketing just by watching her example. She’s also the queen of keeping it real with the selfies. No over-produced my-life-is-perfect BS. She’s made the ugly face cool again. #authenticity #marketing

This Wild Idea – Ermagherd, if you live in a perpetual state of wanderlust and love dogs, then this is the best account ever to follow. It makes me feel all the feels. It’s so real, and like a fairytale all at once. #wanderlust #photography

Marnie – the most ugly-cute dog on the internet with the best captions to boot. Her story will crack your heart open and her funny pics will keep you coming back. Two million followers can’t be wrong. #compassion #comedy

Wolfgang2242 – this guy shares the most heartwarming photo-stories of his life with 9 senior rescue dogs, Stuart the rabbit and Bikini the pig. It’s my favourite feel-good Instagram account. #heart #storytelling

Don’t forget to share with me your favourite Instagrammers in the comments. And include why…the why is important.