Sarah von BargenEvery once in a while I come across something on the internet that quite literally feels like a breath of fresh air. A rolling playground of effervescent prose, engaging and often hilarious stories, and general fabulousness all around. That’s how it felt when I stumbled upon the work of Ms Sarah Von Bargen, prolific blogger and traveler/fashionista extraordinaire over at Yes & Yes. She is what most people would say, excellent at being awesome on the internet. And today in our short interview she shares with us some of her secrets on how to do it.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. how she made the transition from otherwise-employed to self-employed
  2. using travel as a trial run to get over the intimidation of entrepreneurship
  3. the 3 steps Sarah recommends for increasing and retaining readership even if you don’t blog super often
  4. how to inject more of your own “voice” or personality into your writing
  5. the merits of using words like ‘douche’ if that’s your thang
  6. how to have Sarah make YOU more awesome on the internet

*note that one of the first things out of my mouth is that I accidentally call Sarah a “vrogger” – so all you cats out there who are afraid of doing video on your blog because you’ll look like a dork, I just paved the way for you. You’re welcome.

Find more of Sarah over here: and (Solution Sessions)

Do you have any great blogging tips you want to share? And insights gleaned from this interview? Please leave them below!