Don’t do it for the kids

Don't do it for the kids | Republic of Freedom

Don’t sacrifice finding fulfillment in your work by using the excuse that you need to “provide for your children’s future.” It’s very important, but it isn’t a good enough reason for you to dim your brilliant light.

Don’t play it safe for the kids. What they need to see is that taking a certain amount of risk is ok for the sake of happiness and fulfillment. Do you want them to grow up and have a job? Or build a livelihood?

Don’t sacrifice the opportunity to set the example of being a dynamic interesting individual (unless you’re not) in both your personal and professional life just so that you can stay in something safe and show kids the value of hard work.

The value of hard work means something different these days.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you must continue to plod away in mediocrity, just so that you can make money so that you can provide things for your family that you didn’t have because that is going to leave them better off. Your kids being better off with the “things” you didn’t have is a myth that you are choosing to believe. Many a child who grew up playing with a ball of twine in the courtyard and no shoes until they were ten turned out to be productive, happy, grounded members of society – some of them even world-changers.

The world has changed.

The skills needed to think critically about life in the 21st Century, about the big picture things, about the decisions that are attached to our values, about how we really truly want to live and be connected to our interests and our vitality…this stuff isn’t taught in school. If you don’t learn it through your life experience, you won’t learn it at all and you’ll end up with a lot of people in their 30’s and 40’s who feel disconnected because they did the routine ~ they went and jumped through the hoops ~ and now they’re thinking, “Is this as good as it gets?” Does this sound like the model you want followed by your offspring?

You’re smart. Really smart. So rethink things.

Rethink what you think about what you’re supposed to be doing and for whom. Rethink the collective myths that have been guiding you until now and ask yourself if they’re still valid. (And no “buts”…!)

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